One of South Australia’s Leading Barristers Chambers

The barristers of Campbell Chambers are engaged for their expert knowledge of the law, especially family law, their advocacy and their highly regarded dispute resolution skills.

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The Hon. Steven Strickland KC

Steve has almost fifty years’ experience in family law as a Judge, Solicitor and Barrister (Queen’s Counsel, now King’s Counsel). He was a Justice of the Family Court of Australia for twenty two years, including twelve years as a Member of the Appeal Division of that Court, and for the last three years the administrative head of that Division.

Steve was appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1998, and has practised extensively throughout Australia in family and de facto law and appeals.  He has an Honours Degree in Law from the University of Adelaide, and a Master’s Degree in Law from the University of British Columbia. He is an Adjunct Professor, Law School, Faculty of the Professions, University of Adelaide, and an Adjunct Professor, School of Law and Justice, Southern Cross University.

Steve is a nationally accredited Mediator and a nationally registered Arbitrator, as well as being a member of the National Sports Tribunal.

He is a former Director of the Australian Institute of Family Law Arbitrators and Mediators, a life member of that Institute, and Chair of its Arbitration Committee. He is also a former Chair of the Family Law Section of the Law Council of Australia.

The Hon. Steven Strickland QC

Membership of Professional Organisations

  • Family Law Section, Law Council of Australia.
  • Law Society of South Australia.
  • South Australian Bar Association.
  • Pacifica Congress.
  • Australian Judicial Officers Association.

Areas of Practice

  • Family and de facto.
  • Arbitration
  • Mediation

Admitted to Practice

  • 1973 (SA).
  • 1975 (High Court of Australia).
  • 1976 (NT).


  • LLB (Hons) (U of A) – 1973.
  • LLM (UBC) -1979.
  • Appointed QC – 1998.
  • Appointed Judge of the Family Court of Australia – 1999.
  • Assigned to the Appeal Division of the Family Court of Australia – 2009.
  • Appointed Administrative Head of the Appeal Division – 2019.

Ross Richards

Ross has worked almost exclusively in family law as a Solicitor, Family Court Registrar and Barrister since his admission in 1973.

He has worked as Counsel in family law since joining the SA Bar in 1987.

Membership of Professional Organisations

  • Family Law Section, Law Council of Australia
  • South Australian Bar Association

Areas of Practice

  • Family and de facto law
  • Mediation

Margaret Ross

Margaret is a barrister and mediator in Australia, where she has been a legal practitioner for 40 years and a mediator for 32 years. She joined the Independent Bar in 1993. She specialises in Family Law, Mediation and Dispute Management in a wide area of disputes.

Margaret is a Nationally Accredited Mediator and a Registered Family Dispute Resolution Practitioner. She has mediated over 1,500 disputes since 1990.

She is a Nationally Accredited Family Arbitrator.

She has conducted dispute resolution and mediation courses for several Universities and has co-designed and facilitated dispute resolution courses for government and non-government organisations in Australia. Margaret has presented at national and international conferences in relation to mediation and the law and has published several papers on this area.

Margaret Ross

Professional Background

1980                    Admission to practice as Barrister & Solicitor in Supreme Court of SA & High Court

1981-­1982           Associate to Justice Roma Mitchell, Supreme Court of South Australia

1982-1993           Barrister and solicitor South Australia

1993-1994           Barrister at Law SA Independent Bar specialising in Family Law De Facto and Criminal                                        Injuries & dispute resolution

1995-­present       Barrister‑at‑Law SA Independent Bar

1990-­1996           Mediator at Relationships Australia (SA)  

1990 to date        Mediator and Facilitator in private practice

1997-­2003           Arbitrator/Conciliator (Senior Case Officer), Child Support Agency

2013‑2015           Accredited Facilitator in the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce Restorative Engagement                                  Program

Peter Heinrich

Peter has over 43 years’ experience in civil law disputes.

Between 1978 and April 2006 Peter worked as a solicitor in private practice in Adelaide.  For most of that time he was a partner in one of Adelaide’s largest firms that was the predecessor to Minter Ellison.  During this time Peter represented parties in civil disputes across a wide range of practice areas and for the last 10 years there Peter was the leader of one of the firm’s civil disputes practice teams.

In April 2006 Peter commenced practising as a barrister at Campbell Chambers.

Peter has been a member of the Law Society of South Australia since January 1979.

Peter Heinrich

Areas of Practice

  • Commercial disputes
  • Corporations law
  • Contract (business, real estate, sale of goods, consumer protection etc)
  • Equity and trusts (including constructive and resulting trusts, proprietary estoppel, equitable compensation)
  • Estate claims and disputes (including inheritance family provision and validity of wills)
  • Family and de facto (financial division and children’s issues)
  • Insurance
  • Landlord & tenant
  • Personal injury claims (medical malpractice, product liability, public liability – claimants and respondents)
  • Professional liability
  • Real estate (including caveats, mortgages and equitable interests)

Admitted to Practice

December 1978 (South Australia).

1979 (High Court of Australia).


Bachelor of laws (University of Adelaide) 1978.

David Fryer

David joins Campbell Chambers following his roles as Principal of his own legal practice, prior to becoming Special Counsel in private practice.

David has a Bachelor of Laws (with Honours), a Graduate Diploma in Legal Practice and he has undertaken additional studies in theoretical offending models associated to the field of youth justice.

David is admitted to practice in the in the High Court of Australia, the Supreme Court of South Australia and the Supreme Court of the Northern Territory.

David is a member of the Family Law Section, Law Council of Australia and the Law Society of South Australia. David has previously sat on the Law Society of South Australia committees for Family Law and Children & the Law and he has been published for his independent research assessing false sexual abuse allegations within family law proceedings (Fryer, D. ‘False allegations in Family Law proceedings: Using the Family Court as a sword, not a shield’ (2013) 3 Family Law Review 137, 137).

David is available to accept briefs and appear in all areas of family law including financial and parenting matters including as counsel for an Independent Children’s Lawyer. David appears for both privately funded litigants in addition to those funded by a grant of legal aid and he will otherwise accept briefs to appear in child protection matters and criminal (and intervention order) matters where allegations of violence or abuse flow from family law matters.

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation


Steven Strickland and Geoffrey Noble established the first Family Court Chambers in Adelaide in 1984. The third barrister, Robert Park, was not a Family Court lawyer, however, and ever since Campbell Chambers has always housed barristers who practised in other areas.

Strickland and Noble were aware of the nascent trend of naming chambers after State Judges but opted for an early contributor to the development of divorce law. Lord John Campbell (1779–1861) was the son of a minister in Fife, Scotland, who joined Lincoln’s Inn around the turn of the nineteenth century. Campbell entered parliament and was Attorney–General from 1834 to 1841.

Campbell was a friend of Charles Dickens, and it may have been through the great novelist that the politician came to understand the problems of getting a divorce for poor people. Divorces were practically impossible to get for them. He tried for many years to get a divorce reform bill through parliament, but it was not until he had left in 1857 and was Lord Chief Justice that the “Act to amend the Law relating to Divorce and Matrimonial Causes in England” was finally passed. Nevertheless, Lord Campbell was responsible for this landmark legislation which allowed divorces for anyone without regard to their class.

In 1859 he was appointed Lord Chancellor at almost eighty years old. He died just two years later, working and enjoying life until his last day.


1984 – Opened At 118 King William Street Adelaide

1995 – Moved To 22 Grenfell Street Adelaide

2004 – Moved To 360 King William Street Adelaide

2017 – Moved To 113 Carrington Street Adelaide


Members in approximate order of joining:

THE HON. STRICKLAND KC, Steven Andrew (1984-1999) (2022-current)
NOBLE, Geoffrey Robert (1984-2014)
PARK, Robert David (1984-1985)
MORCOMBE QC, Neville Wayne (1985-2000)
HEVEY, Gary (1985-1987)
CUMMINS, John Gabriel (1986-1994)
McNAMARA, Philip Anthony (1986-1995)
McCARTHY, Craig D (1989-1995)
RICHARDS, Ross Anthony (1994-current)
THE HON. JUSTICE MEAD, Christine Ann (1995-1999)
MORCOMBE, John Andrew (1995-2006)
THE HON. JUSTICE BERMAN, David Michael (1995-2013)
JOLLY, Edward (1998-1999)
LINDSAY, Stuart Hamilton (1998-1999)
JEFFRIES, Catherine Ann (1999-2005)
McQUADE, Brian William (1999-2005)
ROSS, Margaret Eleanor (2000-current)
MOFFA, Andrew (2000-2017)
HEINRICH, Peter (2006-2017) (2020-current)
HURLEY, Noelle (2006-2014)
STATE CORONER WHITTLE, David (2003-2010)
BIRCHALL, Tom (2007-2015)
MAGISTRATE BASHEER, Jayne (2007-2015)
THE HON. JUSTICE KARI, Penelope (2011-2018)
ANDERSON, Mark (2014-2020)
DILLON, John (2014-2017)
PRAOLINI, Daniel (2018-2023)
FRYER, David (2024-current)

Liability limited by a scheme approved under Professional Standards Legislation